Huihui saw the red briefcase in her husband Zhiwei’s New Year card.

“He still remembers that last week, when I mentioned that everyone was studying in Japan,

On January 1st, there will always be new year card for each other according to tradition.”

Huihui smiled; Couldn’t help peeking at the card that would be given to him first.

Then she saw another folded piece of paper beside her.

On paper; She saw Zhiwei’s secret blessing to Zhiwei for the new year.


“In a very difficult year, we passed again.

2020, what an easy-to-remember year it will be.”

Wish: I can say to the boss:

“Li Sir: I totally agree that Peter is smart and capable.

2020: I will also work hard, but let me do it in my own way.

Don’t mention Peter again, I already know. Let me do it… my way.”

Wish: I can say to my wife:

Huihui: May I never be a passionate, beautiful and determined little three.

I will always be good to you. I am just worried that I am vulnerable.”

Wish: I can say to my younger brother:

Brother: your father and I are invincible. Don’t mention those who and whose father,

You can’t re-select a father, just give in,

It’s a little worse to accept this package. The product is easy to use. Dad, forget it.”

Wish: I can say to everyone:

“Have you seen Zhiwei?

How good he is, how good he is, how good he is, how good he is… there is no need to compare goods with three rooms…..”


“Only You. I am high, I am low, you have always been optimistic about me.”

* * * * * * * *

Huihui orbital fever.

She wrote down the new year card that would give Zhiwei.


“The first time I had an impression on you was that when you were studying in Japan, you gave me a new year card on the morning of January 1st.

You wrote: I wish you good health and all the best in 2005.

I think: This man is really old-fashioned.

Fifteen years later, this first feeling was proved to be completely correct.

* * * * * * * *

I am not beautiful but attractive, not sexy but can cook, maybe I can’t score.

But I am grateful; I can meet you luckily.

I never thought of exchanging a better husband with heaven…..

You are a part of my life that I can’t ask for more.

Plus my whole heart, then give me 10 points!

My 10 points, plus the 10 points you added to my life, are exactly 20.

20 for two people, 2020.

Let’s walk into 2020 and come to endless together.

I will not pray for a better you, because you are already the best.

* * * * * * * *

Zhiwei, although old products and new packaging are popular now;

But I have used Zhiwei, who I met in 2005,

Let this Zhiwei continue to be Zhiwei…..

Wax and wane

To you: This heart is the best.

Love you…..

Past. In the future.

2020. January 1st.”

2020 Sun Enli. petit story C119. Photo. Osamu

Zan (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) Phoenix Mountain Spring Tour

After dressing up at Meiko and changing into an organic glass button suit, the hour hand of the wall clock at home has pointed to nine o’clock. I cross it with noon…

Enter June

In the singing of summer cicada, in the intoxicating evening breeze of summer, we walked into June together again. Entering this memory, we…

Linjia Lane

Once in Linjia Lane, I passed by Yibin, because I needed to stay in Yibin for nearly 5 hours to transfer to a plane, because I was not familiar with this city…

Linjia Lane

Once in Linjia Lane, I passed by Yibin, because I needed to stay in Yibin for nearly 5 hours to transfer to a plane, because I was not familiar with this city…

The confusion of summer night

I couldn’t stand the heat and came to Weishui River for a walk to enjoy the cool. In the beautiful South Bank Parklands of Xianyang Lake and the natural river, it is cool…

Love story

Lover dies, lover…


I seem to be nothingness.

There seems to be nothing in my mind. I tried my best to catch something, but I couldn’t catch it at all. I want to concentrate some energy, but it seems that my mind is a barren mountain without any grass, even without any wind and sand.

Those things poured out of my mind, squeezing the temples and the corners of my eyes sour.

I was driving, but as if the car did not exist. I’m just floating in this world, running towards you.

There were pedestrians on the side of the road, and they were in a trance. They moved slowly, with clear faces and clear facial features, but they were also in a daze.

The Weeping Willow along the road were motionless, and one by one were dull people wearing straw raincoat ancient poems. They looked at me coldly and lonely, without any slight eyes.

The tombstone in the cemetery is also like them. The Cold name does not have a drop of tears.

Without any wind, the whole world stagnated.

Paper money is still in the shape of layers and layers. Although they have been burnt out, they seem to be a large gray flower in another world, with ungentle petals and motionless stripes. But I know, I can’t hold it. Before burning paper, there was a regular round pit. I think it should be the place where animals find heating. After all, it has been raining all the time this year, but I prefer to believe it, that is the flowerpot that you have already placed, waiting for me to put in this burning flower.

I sat beside you, I felt the cold tears on my face, but I couldn’t hear its voice. In the world, maybe only it is moving, slowly spreading. The dark red cigarette butts were burning in my hands, and I didn’t feel any warmth, as if it was also cold.

I suddenly coughed violently. It seemed that a current was sent from my chest and rushed across my shoulder quickly until the end of my fingers. I felt the Twitch to be destroyed. I stood up. The sky was blue, pure and dusk. I questioned in my heart, God! Can’t I even be sad?

No one answered me. All the leaves in front of us, big and small, are quiet and motionless, just like eyes big and small, indifferent and expressionless.

No bird flew over, and they also avoided. They seemed unwilling to look at me directly, unwilling to see the desperate eyes in my tears.

I haven’t been here for more than a month. Suddenly, your grave has been filled with dense small trees, most of which are elm trees. I don’t know when they came and how they took root. You must watch them grow up with your pity eyes and your loving eyes when you look at each child. Perhaps, when you speak quietly in the dead of night, you are not so lonely when you can’t sleep. However, they cover your eyes. You can’t see the TTL in the distance. Then I often stare at the TTL alone and far away.

Suddenly a sound of cuckoo came down from the bottom of the ditch, with a deep cry and intermittent sobs. It seemed that all the sad and bitter rain during this period of time soaked every inch of feathers on its body, soaked its heart again. It was silent after only two calls, which were also a struggle in drowning. I can’t save it, nor can it save me.

The sound of cicadas also gradually rose, like a sobbing ocean, with a low voice, boundless.

There is no wind, and the leaves do not move.

It’s going to be dark.

August 16, 2020

Zan (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) remember the past, a little more youth without any regrets

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Silly girl

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