First sight

You were noodles strainer when I entered the door. Your profile is in the steam.

I can’t remember what I said, but the first sentence you said was: “eat noodles!”

When you speak, you smile gracefully.

I think we are so familiar with two people. I picked up the bowl and ate it without any embarrassment or embarrassment.

Soft slices of noodles, mixed with fried leeks, very fragrant!

You are wearing a red shirt with a faint black landscape of some city printed on it.

I wore a black T-shirt, which was very cheap. It must be dirty and wet with sweat, because I am came from Nanhe bridge several miles away.

I was very thin at that time, and I occasionally saw my photos at that time. I should have long hair. So do you. You also have long hair.

Aunt Xiao, the lover of her father’s friend, introduced us. You called her xiao shi and she was your workmate. This is the first time we have met.

I am a very self-abased, very inhibited person, because of family difficulties, because of the depression of more than 20 years. When I saw the girl, I blushed, but when I met you, there was nothing.

I can’t remember what we said next. That afternoon, the time was so fast.

At dusk, when we go out, I should treat you to dinner. In the restaurant on Xiangyang Road, there are two cold dishes, one of which is mustard oil Sansi, because you often said later that you helped me pick fans when I was eating for the first time.

You hardly moved your chopsticks. You sat opposite and looked at me quietly with a smile on your face.

Then, I boldly put my hand on your shoulder, and you didn’t refuse. We turned out from Xiangyang Road and walked to 30 meters Road. The night market was very lively at the crossroads. Someone was singing karaoke on the roadside. You asked me to sing to you, I sang sailor and fate.

Now I always regret why I sing these two songs! Although, these two songs were very popular at that time.

We walked along the 30-meter road to the North Ring Road and sat under a wall in the alley behind your factory. Later, you still sat in my arms.

It was the early summer season, with the cool wind blowing, we talked quietly.

Unfortunately, I forgot what I said. If I want to ask you, I will never have a chance! Never!

It was the early summer of 1996, and we have not been separated since then.

But now, we are separated forever and can’t find it again.

At that time, if only you refused me!

You won’t suffer so much with me, you won’t leave this world so early!

Even if I am still alone now, your happy laughter is still there, your fat white face is still there, still in this world that makes me despair now.

It’s a pity that I don’t know such a fate ending. If I do, I won’t see you for a lifetime!

October 4, 2020

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