Meet like a flower, love like a poem

I finally remembered that the scar pattern on my wrist was a white cocoon. I am the cocoon heart, hiding in my cocoon forever, and don’t want to become a butterfly. One person plays the piano in the snow and one person knows his voice in the snow. If you have the same heart, no one is right or wrong, just have each other. You don’t have to say sorry, life is nothing except life and death. Everyone plays various roles in his own play. Many times, he cannot help himself and the ending cannot be controlled by himself. For me, the most right thing you did was that you didn’t kill my Cher as your two friends said. You didn’t do that, so I appreciate you for a lifetime, otherwise, I will really hate you for a lifetime. If the doctor didn’t say that Cher’s little face was purple and a little lack of oxygen and needed to be kept in an incubator for a few days, I would never let others take her away. I don’t want to cry any more, I want to leave some tears for myself.

For many years, I was most afraid of hearing children crying, especially at night, and the sad cries of cats. I felt like children crying. I don’t know what kind of crying Cher had when he was a child, so all the crying of children in the night would arouse my sadness. You asked me if I was happy? Some things can not be solved, do not have to solve, do not want to solve. Or set a standard of happiness, living itself is happiness, and having health and happiness for the rest of life is happiness, which are all things that money cannot buy. At the age of 50, after experiencing some things and knowing everything in the world, you will become sober and calm, and finally realize thoroughly. Those past are the wealth you have accumulated for many years. I turn them into words. This volume of Green Book is a gift I can give you, henggu Zen incense.

Life without burden will be happy. After more than 20 years, there is nothing to hear from each other. Living alone in their own world and meeting again is like waking up in a dream. In that year, with luxury dress was young and frivolous. Half of his life had passed in a flash, and his temples were dyed with Frost. If it is eroded after 40 or 50 years, will you still want to see me urgently? One day in your lifetime, can you still use the outline of memory to reflect the sunset on the edge of the ancient road of a long pavilion short pavilion of a station, and a figure carrying bearing sword or Heptachord lyre approached step by step, it doesn’t matter whether it’s me or you. We will meet at the end of fate. We are all travelers who have traveled a long distance. Even if we have fallen in love with each other, we can only brew a pot of moonlight and read you in the night of no one. Heaven and Earth are in, mountains are in, water is in. Time is there, you are there, I am there. What better world do you want? You are a hidden danger that I can’t seek medical treatment for my whole life. It began with love at first sight and finally fell in ashes. May you meet a good person, happy with you, long song, warm and happy life.

A heart not only lives for yourself, but also for you and me who met along the way, spreading ten miles of lotus flowers. Silence is not indifference, but deep love; Silence is not thin and cool, but understanding. Because, what can stand the time washing is the most true affection; Those who have experienced the precipitation of time are worth cherishing with heart. You know, single-minded is the gentlest power in the world. Beyond Time, the most beautiful love is not the heaven, the land is old, the company with you for a lifetime, that’s all. “Thousands of glory is not as trivial as the day and day.” I can’t keep time or you. With the difference of thought, the fallen leaves came one after another, a paper promised, and the King Kong turned into tears. Everything is empty. Amitabha, ten Buddhas.

You and everything in the world have met again after a long separation. On my New Year’s Day, Jujing’s room is closed. There is no calendar day in the mountain, and it is cold for another year. In the past two years, being able to live healthily is the greatest well-being. Healthy and happy! The meaning of living is sunshine, fresh air, fragrance of flowers and you far away. Cloud White, such as passers-by, does not mess with trees and shadows, and does not disturb dreams. The world of one year old and one year old is a long and short feeling. You are the traveler of the wind and Qing Song in the mountains of Yuanchuan Dai. The stars pass through the moon in the morning and evening. I used to want to be a passer in your eyes in the spring of the river. You can’t forget it. It’s hard to give up your whole life book at a glance. The dead water is fragrant and the years are shallow. A Floating Life In Dream is a dream. Only after seeing all the flowers blooming can we know that the flowers are easy to fall. The trees are pale and the wind is dry. Wait until lunar November to see a spring snow.

I am in the sunshine in the south, the snow is flying, and you are in the cold night in the north, all the seasons are like spring. Ruthless People used to be the most affectionate. Smile to meet Peng Hai Road, the world wind and moon like dust. Fate arranged us to meet in order to separate. We separated to meet again. If there is no difference, how will you cherish me. If you don’t meet again, how will you think of me. Qingqingzi, you can relax my heart. But for the reason, I have been sinking to this day.

Repeat and separate from Junsheng.

To meet each other for tens of thousands of miles, each in the world;

The road is blocked and long. Can we know the meeting?

Hu Ma Yi north wind, the South Branch of the Bird’s Nest.

The day of meeting is far away, and the day of belt has been delayed;

The clouds covered the day, and the tourists ignored the return.

Sijun is old, and the time is getting late.

Don’t repeat the donation and try to add meals.

I have a pot of wine to comfort the wind and dust. One toast to Sunrise and one toast to moonlight. A cup of toast to hometown and a cup of toast to the distance. One toast to freedom and one toast to death. Drink another ladle of wine, a toast to tomorrow and a toast to the past. Don’t regret the past and live up to the rest of your life.

The first acquaintance with the King is like the return of the old man. Meet like a flower, love like a poem. It is rare to meet a bosom friend in three lives. This life is only for finding you. Ande decided against the king, and was free from being called life and death as lovesickness. There are countless threads, I can’t resist it, and I feel sad. Meeting in this life will not live up to the fleeting time. I have seen you give me your hand three times, where you have deep autumn. The last time I saw you was in my short dream, where you had a group of winter winds. There is a fire in everyone’s heart, and people passing by only see smoke.

I know something about people, far away from the countryside.

I feel something deeply.

It is impossible to go far away from home, without looking forward to it.

The deep intestinal solution cannot be solved, and I don’t think about it.

In this case, the night of the lamp is left alone in the empty hall.

Autumn is not young, and the wind and rain are in the sky.

If you don’t learn the toutuo method, you can forget it.

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