Dark night Echo

Dark night Echo

I couldn’t help coughing and coughed gently.

I seem to hear the echo, very clear.

I coughed again, which was also gentle.

It’s my Echo, obviously weak and hoarse, coming from up and down.

I know these echoes come from tombstones everywhere in the cemetery.

I’m not afraid. You are here, I am not afraid!

Some tall tombstones have dim lights. In front of some tombstones, there were candles flashing, the warmth of clouds, more, Berlin in black, and a white piece of words on the tombstone.

You don’t have a tombstone yet, a candle still flickers, dark red light.

When I came to you, one of the candles the children lit at noon was blown out by the wind, where was it still inserted? The other one was burnt out. There was a small piece on the ground, which was very like blackish Red’s blood.

In front of your grave, the paper money burned by relatives lay there quietly, like a scattered dark cloud and a dry tear.

I think your relatives have been here, I know.

I don’t want to come with them, I don’t want.

I didn’t come until my son left school. He is still driving now. He has to wait until he picked up the baby for me from specialty class. I advised him to leave early, but he didn’t want.

I can’t hide it from you anymore. I was hurt a little and it hurt a little.

The night before yesterday, I stumbled on the ground and hit the road along the stone on my ass. It’s okay, only a little pain. It’s really okay, otherwise how can I drive here by myself?

I called my elder sister and said I would leave the baby with her for a while and wanted to do something.

She didn’t ask me what to do, just asked me if it hurt.

She knew what I was going to do, and I could hear it from her voice.

I definitely want to come, although it really hurts.

Today is lunar October. My son came back from school specially. I couldn’t go back to see my father. It’s the first time for so many years. My hometown is far away and I still have to walk a lot of mountain roads. I may not be able to survive. But my son didn’t discuss with me and went with his brothers.

I will definitely come. There are a lot of people in the cemetery today, and my relatives have come to see you. If I don’t come, how can you rest assured? I’m really fine.

I was still like this, burning paper money to you one by one, smoking one by one, tears dripping on the fire, and soon disappeared. I didn’t feel pain there, I am felt uncomfortable.

When I stood up, I gritted my teeth and seemed to have a slap. It was not for other reasons. It was very cold and my legs were numb.

It was already dark, and it was all dark around. It’s okay. I came late. When I came, the weather was dim.

Very quiet, very quiet, there is no one in the cemetery, I can hear the sound of candlelight swinging, I can hear the sound of tears flowing out, and there are two low, short birds crying, choked, the woods from the bottom of the valley.

But candlelight is warm, I look at you, look at me! In this dark night, the Echo came.

November 15, 2020

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