Cold and sunny

The sunshine is very good. I shot in through the window. My face felt a little hot, but my hands were still cool.

I sat at the window and desk.

My mind was blank, and my eyes were sore, so I could do nothing with the hard sunshine.

Because it doesn’t shine in my heart.

The air conditioner is still working hard, blowing the same warm air. The house is quite warm. Sunshine brings light, and warmth depends on it.

Outside the window is the world of the sun, but also the cold world. Seven or eight degrees below zero, it is rare here at noon. Such bright sunshine seems to be a lie.

The blue sky, without clouds, seems to be a lie, sunny and false.

No flowers, no green trees, no birds, and few pedestrians. The sky is just clear, and the sky is only clear.

So many people in the past were in books, or suffering, or struggling, or happiness, spread out on the table, the sun shone on it, the night was still the night, and tears were still moist. I occasionally immersed in it, but soon, those sufferings or happiness fell into the blank abyss in my mind, and there was no reply.

Some bright light like a hairline, walking upstream of the book, Walking upstream of my hand. I don’t know where it came from or where it went. Perhaps, they are not wandering at all. The first one has disappeared in the universe, and the later one has entered in ignorance. For the universe, it is not even a moment.

I only looked at them a few times and felt bored. They didn’t come to see me.

Lit a cigarette, the cigarette went out from my fingers, and even flew to the window without knowing the height and height, flying to the sunshine, but unfortunately there was no place for it to escape, and he came back in a conversation, it seems that there are some shadows flying over the book, but unfortunately the shadow is not bright golden.

I opened the window, but the smoke quickly fled to the room. The clear world did not contain it, it was a lie, no sorrow and sadness, that was afraid of being burned into smoke, it is also toxic.

And the cold air rushed in immediately, and they didn’t want to let go of every warm corner. Although there was no sound, although there was a brilliant lie, it was cold, which made me shrink into the cold immediately.

I shut the cold out of the window, and there was a string of small shadows in the book. I knew that it was the dirt left on the window glass by years. I haven’t noticed them at ordinary times, but at the moment, they are like a string of vicious eyes.

The whole world is sunny, but that is a lie.

I curled up in this small house, my mind was blank, but I was awake.

I know you must see TTL far away today. The weather is so clear, but the air is cold. The tombstone you just raised last week must have cast a black shadow.

I dreamed of you last night. The warm smile was real, not like the sunshine outside the window and the lies of the whole world.

December 30, 2020

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