Listen to Dingyuan Pavilion

There is a single-storey villa with courtyard named Dingyuan Pavilion in tianmangong, Fukuoka City, Japan. The century-old house has been quite dilapidated. In recent years, the Japanese have repaired it again and claimed to continue to own it for a hundred years. Some Japanese organizations even have to clamor for “application for Heritage”.

The old man near tianmangong recalled that Dingyuan Pavilion was a haunted place. How many Chinese soldiers spilled their blood on the iron sheet of the board, how many ghosts were entangled there, and how could the House be calm.

On February 4, 1895, Dingyuan ship ran aground after being attacked by Japanese fishing boats in Weihaiwei. Soon, the Beiyang navy announced its defeat. Liu butoad ordered his subordinates to blow up the Dingyuan ship and immediately committed suicide.

A year later, the governor of Xiangchuan county, Japan, and the rich xiaoyulong helped to buy the remains of the Dingyuan ship, and hired divers. It took one year to retrieve the materials on the original yuanship, and the armored guard board, teak deck, the toilet was disassembled and transported to Fukuoka, and the Dingyuan pavilion was built Dazaifu in his hometown and has been retained so far.

The motivation of this Xiaoye building Dingyuan Pavilion is obviously to show off the glorious victory of Japan.

What will Dingyuan pavilion say if it can open its mouth.

I think it will not be willing to become a house that cannot move around.

It used to cut waves and was the first giant ship in Asia cruising in the ocean.

It may still be telling about that war, those Chinese wounded soldiers, the elegant captain named Liu butoad.

Its voice must be sad and slow, and its expression must be unbearable……

Weihaiwei military port, in the cold night, Liu butoad stood alone on the deck of Dingyuan ship, watching the dim moon in the sky and the smoke nearby. Alas! Another ship sank.

Lost, we lost completely. Liu butoad sighed. There is no suspense in this naval battle. The Tianyuan ship under his feet ran aground on the beach after the sneak attack of Japanese mine boats, like a carriage that lost wheels and could not move at all.

Liu butoad held barn lantern and checked the ship. Back to his duct room.

A letter fell on the teak desk, which was sent by his former classmate Pingba Lang, Dongxiang, to the effect that he could hand over the Dingyuan ship completely to the Japanese army Yogueta, and he could continue to be his officer, even on the rise.

When studying at Greenwich Naval Academy, no one expected such a day. Because they are both Asian, Chinese and Japanese are very united. Pingba Lang in Dongxiang even said that if one day he really met at sea, then the first shot must be a ritual shell.

When the light went out, Liu Buchan tossed and turned, and the situation on the day of the naval Battle appeared in his mind. He vaguely remembered that he was standing on the deck, trembling in his hand holding the telegram from the captain of the super Yong ship to him: “I am dead in battle, do not read.”

The Japanese ship kept firing fierce gunfire. The violent explosion made the deck tremble violently, but his warship stopped firing. Liu butoad held the side wall with his left hand, held his body steady and shouted, “Why did you stop?” The lieutenant stumbled across the body on the deck and wiped his face blackened by gunfire: “report the pipe belt, the shells have been finished.” “There are still new shells shipped yesterday in the cabin. Replace them and continue to fight.” “Yes.” The adjutant staggered down the deck.

The Shell moved over, but it still didn’t fire. He drank: “Why didn’t you fire?” Report pipe belt, the caliber is not consistent.” He was furious: “Take the file File.” The sound of guns finally rang, but the expected explosion was not heard. When I was wondering, a shell of the Japanese ship came with the smell of death. After a loud noise, the deck was covered with dead bodies. A sailor held the shell trembling and shouted with the last strength: “The shell…… It won’t ring.” The young face is full of unwilling writing.

Two lines of tears fell from his cheeks and he woke up.

The defeat has been decided. Where should the long ship go?

During the day today, several foreign employees and generals asked him to hand over Dingyuan, but he didn’t agree. Now he thinks it is necessary to consider this problem carefully. He remembered the unwilling and angry faces of the brothers on the ship before they died. He remembered the figure of Deng Shichang in the telescope on the day of the naval battle. He remembered the helpless when Ding Ruchang was forced to surrender.

“Yes, warships cannot be handed in.” He muttered to himself.

Liu butoad put on the official uniform and hurried away from the battleship to Ding gongfu. Unexpectedly, Ding Ruchang did not sleep either. He walked anxiously in the room, saw Liu butoad coming and asked quickly, “Zi Xiang, we have no ability to fight again. Li Zhongtang said that he was discussing with Japan. But what should the long ship do. Is it handed over to the Japanese or another disposal?” “It must not be left to the Japanese.”

Ding Ruchang was very shocked. He had never seen this gentle subordinate so determined. “Think about it, that’s the first warship you commanded.” “Dingyuan is very important to me. I would rather sink it than fall into Japanese hands.” What else did Ding Ruchang want to say? He could see Liu Buchan’s decisive eyes and waved his hand helplessly: “This is the case, you can handle it yourself.” Liu Buchan withdrew silently.

Half an hour later, there was an earth-shattering explosion in the military port, which ended the glory of Beiyang Fleet. Except the sailors on the Dingyuan ship and Ding Ruchang, no one knew what had happened. Only Weihaiwei and them witnessed the sinking of the first giant ship in the Far East.

Later, the constant explosion came, and several warships sank one after another.

The next day, Liu butoad sat quietly at home, and the faces of his friends appeared in his mind: Deng Shichang, Ye zuxi, Lin Yongsheng, Lin tai Zeng…… They have all left the world, leaving him alone.

He pulled open the drawer of the desk, took out the revolver, pulled open the firing pin and aimed at his temple. The body was lying on the table, and the blood red the suicide note on the table. The suicide note wrote: “The bereaved ship will be self-tailored.”

The next day, the Beiyang Fleet surrendered to the Japanese army.

A hundred years later, Weihaiwei tourists were like weaving, and the bright smile on people’s faces seemed to be out of place with the solemn scenery around. Tourists laughed and took photos on the copied Dingyuan ship. They had forgotten the war. Only when the warships passing through the port occasionally saw the ship, they would ring steam whistle to pay tribute to the spirits of the Northern Ocean Fleet sailors. Wei Haiwei still guarded the dusty cold memories.

Two Jia Zi passed, and another Jiawu.

The Japanese who came to visit Dingyuan Pavilion pointed at each other and were full of pride and joy.

The Chinese came here to make a fool of themselves, but they were mixed.

In recent years, the dispute between China and Japan over Diaoyu Islands has intensified. There are Japanese clamoring for another war in 1894, and Japan will win.

Dingyuan ship, Dingyuan Pavilion, if it can speak, what else can it tell us?

One hole boat anchor

A deck

A shell case

Target bullet hole

Looking back at my hometown through a hundred years

Pile pile looks like yesterday shouting and killing bursts of guns rumbling

Pieces hurt the hearts of Chinese people like sharp blades.

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