Dongdry feet after many years

I took the beginning of the East back to the east dry feet.

After getting out of the car at the fork in the road, I walked down the ditch and washed my feet in the ditch.

The water in the ditch is clear and flowing like light on the rusty water plants.

Behind — Tan Ling on the other side of the road, it looks like a raw wheat steamed bread sprinkled with chocolate in the sunshine. Tanling has always been like this. When I saw it, it was bare. How many years have passed-I really calculated the annual ring. After more than 20 years, it still hasn’t changed much. As a lonely mountain bag, or always unchanged, it conforms to our memory.

I picked up the knife on the ground-a bright chopper.

I am about to forget the knife, why do I bring a knife? I haven’t been back to Donggan’s feet for a long time, because time is wasted and I may need a knife.

The Duan family has been deserted, and the ruins of the empty flat are like the ruins.

Duan Jialing is like a tombstone of time, which stands between north and south. The sunshine is very transparent, and there is no dust and haze on Duan Jialing. It is clean, like clay just out of the kiln. The sky is also very clean, like a frozen lake. The way home is also very clean, like a yellow silk belt taken off the waist. The field looks like after autumn harvest. It is empty and there is no scene. It must be said that the Earth is covered with a khaki sweat.

The sky is very clean.

The ground under your feet is quiet.

I can see Donggan’s feet. White buildings with two floors are everywhere.

Ditch-this is a ditch that flows continuously all the year round. The water comes from the water. On the slope of the ditch over there, there is a row of tombstones standing impressively, large, such as door panels, on it, familiar words and strange names are written in Zhu Hong; The small ones are as small as sofa back, and on it, familiar words and strange names are written in Zhu Hong. The tablets are all hemp stones, and the hemp spots on them are clear and recognizable.

A total of five brand-new tombstones.

I turned to look at the beginning of the East and saw fields like tombstones in the sky. Scared me, I quickly pressed the head of the early East to my arms and said: Don’t Look, I am here.

At the beginning of the East, I snuggled my head in my arms, and I almost dragged him to walk.

Under the Duan ridge, it was dark. It was the tombstone of the pine forest and Duan Ridge.

I entered the village along the direction of the ditch, but I didn’t meet anyone.

The white iron door of the first household is as bright as a mirror.

The iron door of the second household was painted with green paint, rusted, mottled like a singing face.

His family has a dog. At this time, the dog should rush out, not welcome, but also bark to call the police. The dog hole by the door is open, like a decoration. On the opposite side is a wall. The house in the garden is original. The windows on the rough red brick wall are not equipped with glass and a piece of plastic film is hung. The plastic film should be noisy, and there was no movement at this time, which was as firm as sticking to the wall. The two houses next to them-I know their builders have been dead for many years, and his son also went to Changsha-went into the city, but the weeds in the yard were as long and neat as someone took care of them, without the mess of rats, pheasants and cockatrice. The sun shines on them, covering them with a layer of color clothes. The smell of desolation climbed out of the grass and hung on the wall.

When I walked all the way through those houses, I looked at them and they were all closed or locked.

These buildings are all new buildings. At the beginning, there was a wind of building new buildings in the countryside. No matter how many people in the family, a fine steel villa was built. I am not disgusted with these houses, just as I like the old tile houses. Houses are just the sky of our hearts, what kind of sky and what kind of identity we are given. We have a new identity, we immediately gave up and went to town. Run too fast, no, it should be said that the temptation of life in the city is too big, or there are too few people staying in the village, can’t bear the popularity of rarity and loneliness, and also throw furniture into the city, and this village-became the tombstone of our life.

At the beginning of the East, I heard that I always said tombstone, with my eyes wide open.

He was not frightened at all, but curious about me, as if I became a stranger.

Stepping on the scene of my childhood life, I walked in along the alley. On the way, I heard my footsteps and closed my eyes. I couldn’t believe it at all. It was my footsteps. Click-click-click–

The House on the other side of the alley-several tile houses, has been abandoned for a long time. The white ash on the wall is peeling off, the wood of the window is getting older and older, the door is getting thinner and thinner, and the tile is getting darker and darker. The bamboo forest behind the house is becoming more and more lush. The crack of bamboo forest—–is becoming more and more obvious.

I really don’t know exactly when the bamboo forest was available.

Donggan foot was originally without bamboo.

People with dry feet like to plant cypress trees by the river in front of the door. The seedlings of willow trees and maple trees grow in the ground, and they are reluctant to pull them out. Walking out of the door, I saw a row of green trees. The trees were as firm as our life. After decades, we left and left the village. Those trees were still standing by the river, becoming more and more firm. There are orange trees, batch trees and peach trees behind the house. There is another pear tree tree behind the uncle’s house. On the side of the village, there are plum trees and persimmon tree trees. In those open spaces, chestnut trees and jujube tree trees are planted. When did bamboo move into Donggan foot? Looking over, the open space behind Donggan’s feet was full of bamboo tails, green, and they looked at Donggan’s feet as if they were breathing on the screen.

The bamboo with dry feet is probably picked from the outside.

The tile houses on the east dry feet collapsed in front of them.

Maintaining our home has now become a pool of mud.

The past life was put in our heads and we warmed it with painstaking efforts. When we touched the broken wall beside the door, it suddenly became pale and meaningless. Two hundred years of history, we closed it gently, like rotten shoes. Our life has changed and become insignificant. We still hold it tightly. It is the life-saving straw given by the Times. Is the city the other side of the pursuit? Did we go ashore when we entered the city? Thinking of Donggan feet in Changsha, Yongzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Zhongshan, Donggan feet are always theirs, but they do not always belong to Donggan feet. In their well-known struggle for their hometown, dongganfoot really became a steppingstone of their life.

Dongganfoot’s house stands quietly in the sunshine.

I smelled the smell of the cemetery. I picked up the knife, and I saw my poor crazy appearance.

Opening the door, the house was filled with the musty smell of dust.

The portrait of my father was in the middle hall. He looked at me with a thoughtful expression, and his eyes were full of endless starlight.

I knelt down and crawled on the ground like a child who did something wrong.

At the beginning of the East, he stood by the door, looking at the Donggan foot that did not belong to him.

I don’t know where he belongs.

I belong here.

There was no joy in my heart, and my Hanging Heart was swinging. In this place like the sea, it was as weak as lead.

Donggan foot has no tombstone.

I tried my best to comfort myself that those intact roads would always bring people back.

That’s the only way home……


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