The heartache from now on


It seems that I haven’t written anything for a long time! The sun is still so poisonous and spicy, and the mood is still the same. This year’s time passed so fast. Except for a so-called relationship, it seems that nothing has been left. I don’t know how to start, I don’t know how to tie the bundle.

I remember that there was a mushroom cool who rushed to hug you with joy at the beginning. I miss the scene at that time very much. It has nothing to do with any external factors. I am happy to be together and talk about my future life together, all the good things went out in a blink of an eye, as if they had never been seen before.

There were heavy rains everywhere one after another, and all kinds of floods and disasters arrived, which made people overwhelmed. Maybe you don’t know, I like rain very much. Because after the heavy rain, the air is always filled with melancholy, maybe I have always been a melancholy person. But somehow, this year, I am especially tired of the endless weather of sunny and thunderstorm.

A few days ago, I took shelter from the rain in the convenience store. Looking around, there were many people who didn’t like to bring umbrellas, and some secretly felt relieved. Suddenly, I felt that this group of people who were embarrassed to hide from the rain seemed to leave home Little Fugitive one by one, waiting anxiously for someone to claim it. It’s just that I’m waiting for the rain to stop. It is said that children without umbrellas should run hard,

I never thought I would miss you like this, nor did I think that one day you would leave. I always planned the future for us without authorization and imagined many wedding scenes, it happened that all these became fantasies. When I thought about them, I always couldn’t help thinking about them in my mind, and then I completely forgot that there was such a thing as wishful thinking. So that finally, unconsciously, my wishful thinking brought your separation. “Zheng Shaoqin, Zheng Jingyi” how painful a few words, when the child does not have the moment who can know the pain in my heart, a person hiding in the toilet crying in the middle of the night, after crying, wash your face and then sleep. Maybe money is really important. I was naive to think that someone really didn’t care about it. Ha ha, silly or not.

I have always felt that breaking up is a very serious matter. It seems that we started with words on WeChat and ended with words on WeChat. From the beginning to the end, there seemed to be no phone call, it makes two people who once fell in love become strangers instantly. Even if they feel so deep that the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten, they will not be able to say that they don’t want to marry. Maybe you don’t love you as much as I do, our love is too fragile to hold up our dreams. We can’t beat the reality. Finally, we can separate. It seems that we are not so sad when we think about it.

We have been separated for 17 days, and we have broken up for 13 days. So fast, we have all had a tacit understanding for 7 days and have never contacted each other again, as if we have never appeared in each other’s lives. Now I will only suddenly think of you in a specific situation. Maybe this is also the best ending.

At this moment, I miss you again, but I can’t find any reason for you to continue. You don’t want to see me now. I always use cigarettes to paralyze myself, the smell of alcohol on my body makes me hate myself. Looking at the house full of traces of you, there will always be inexplicable sadness.

At night, touch your face with your hands, empty, leaving only tears on your face.

Maybe there is no chance that the story will end here.

Bye-bye! Each is well!

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