Teacher Xia is my primary school teacher. The first time I met him was the day when my primary school became confused. I can’t remember the situation of meeting, but what impressed me was the teacher’s fingernail. The nail is about one centimeter long, and it is mellow, clean and shiny. The first time I saw my long nails, I was very surprised. Later, I got used to it and felt very natural, so that I felt that it was our teacher who had long nails.

When it comes to long nails, don’t think the teacher is a woman. Our teacher is a modest man. At the age of fifty, his chin had a very stylish beard, and his nose was covered with a pair of copper-edged glasses, wearing a gray Zhongshan suit. If you change Zhongshan suit into a long shirt, it is not the same as the teacher in the old play.

I must have a strong curiosity when I was a child. Since I saw the teacher’s long nails, I often paid attention to how the teacher did things with the hands of long nails, and soon I found something. For example, there will be many fine scratches on the chalk used by the teacher, and the teacher will turn over the textbook quickly with his long nails, but any textbook he has used, almost every page will leave many scratches at roughly the same place……

The school building of our primary school is the private house of a big family named Zhu in the pre-liberation town. The hall in the middle of the House is regarded as our activity place after class; The wing rooms on both sides are changed into classrooms; The main room behind the hall is the teacher’s accommodation and office. Except for the simple blackboard, desks and chairs in the classroom, there are almost no other facilities in the school. It was also under the tough conditions of that year that I further found that the teacher’s hands with long nails were really amazing.

Without sports equipment, he would wrap a mass of waste newspaper with coarse cloth and sew it with needle and thread, which became a small cloth ball for male students to fight for me to grab and kick by hand. I will also use Coq feather, large buttons, and small fabric to make beautiful kick shuttlecock. The female students played shuttlecock while twittering like a group of happy little chick. When the weather is fine, he will take us to the grass near the river near the school and dress up the students as all kinds of characters or animals in the Chinese text with his homemade props, let everyone perform the plots and scenes described in the lesson. The students had a great time every time.

Now I think that although the material was scarce and the conditions were crude in that era, I didn’t feel bitter at all after following the teacher. On the contrary, I felt very happy.

Unconsciously, I am in the third grade. From then on, I vaguely felt that the atmosphere of the school had changed. There were often some high school students wearing red armbands on their arms who came to our primary school for a meeting. We also seemed to understand what we said at the meeting.

One day after the meeting, the teacher took us back to the classroom. I saw that he took out a piece of red paper, cut out some long notes skillfully, and asked two classmates to help him paste the notes on the wall of the classroom into a square frame, A piece of paper with three big words “criticism column” was posted directly above the big frame.

After finishing this, the teacher told us with a dignified expression that now he assigned a homework to the students. If you have any opinions about the teacher at ordinary times, write it down. You don’t have to give it to the teacher to see, just Paste it directly into that criticism column.

The students were stunned at once and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Besides, we don’t even write diaries.

After a while, the teacher added that it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember it. You can finish it in two days, but you must write it. This is a political task. You helped the teacher by writing it.

We don’t know anything about political tasks either. We only know that this is the homework assigned by the teacher.

Two days soon arrived, and I haven’t figured out what to write yet. There are already homework posted by classmates on the wall, most of which are written by teachers who are punished, kept by teachers, or knocked by teachers with textbooks because of wrong answers. Inspired by these, I remembered one thing two weeks ago.

In the Chinese class that day, I was found by the teacher for reading the comic book. He came to grab my arm angrily and asked me to stand up. At that time, I felt that the arm exposed outside the short sleeve was pinched and broken by the teacher’s nails, but I didn’t dare to make a sound. When I came home from school, I didn’t dare to tell my family that I was afraid that I had to eat “fried meat with bamboo shoots” (teach children a lesson with bamboo shoots). Then I applied some red potion myself, and it would be better in one night……

I decided to write about it. Fei laodajin finally wrote about four lines on small letter edition. The word “arm” cannot be written, so he raised his hand and asked the teacher. The teacher wrote the two words on the blackboard, noted pinyin and tone, and took me to read them three times.

The teacher must have read the homework written by the students very carefully. The next day, the teacher called me to his office. As soon as I entered the door, the teacher pulled up my arm and looked at it, then asked me if I still hurt? I said it would be fine long ago. The teacher touched my head lovingly and said, it was all bad for the teacher. The teacher apologized to you, and the teacher promised that it would not happen in the future.

It made me uncomfortable for an elder who was several years old to talk to a child who was several years old. I remember I am blushed at that time and left the teacher’s office like running away.

Fortunately, the matter of raising opinions has finally passed. I don’t know if those high school students are embarrassed teachers.

One day after self-study, I sent our group’s homework to the teacher’s office. When the teacher reached for the exercise book, I was stunned-the teacher’s long nails were gone. Looking at the teacher’s fingers, I suddenly felt strange.

The teacher cut his long nails, and I felt very uncomfortable. I didn’t dare to look at the teacher for several days. The teacher is just like nothing.

Time is really fast. I graduated from primary school in a flash. He left the primary school and the teacher. Besides, I never saw the teacher again after leaving.

No goodbye does not mean forgetting. Looking back on the matter of cutting nails in those years, while feeling the teacher’s kindness, I always felt that the teacher didn’t have to change his habit of keeping for decades because of my childish behavior. As we can imagine, the teacher’s nails, like his beard, are a deliberate modification, which has become his unique symbol and remains deeply in our cognition of him. I often think that this self-modification habit formed over the years is like a person’s dressing, which contains his personality, his confidence and even his dignity. But when all this is going to be changed against one’s will, I can’t imagine how tangled and struggling the teacher’s heart was in those days……

Every time I think about this over the years, my heart is still very guilty. To write it out after several decades is also to show my heart to the teacher. The teacher can’t see it, but I will feel at ease.

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