Don’t leave me

My Lin: your honeymoon, a toast, a voice of sister-in-law, the future’s unintentional hand-in-hand must be a past life!

In a twinkling of an eye, we have been in love with each other for 14 years, but today we have to say to you: Don’t leave me! Really, you can’t leave me alone. Originally, you were not a cruel woman, but why do you have to stay away from me today? You know: my heart is broken now!

When the children were in kindergarten, you were living in Northeast China. Lively Peng often studied and played with Rong in my house and watched them do their homework. In primary school, you and Dong came and went to pick them up and drop them off, in high school, teacher Wu Jun, the head teacher, didn’t have my phone number and Peng couldn’t leave the school gate. After graduating from Peng university, I started a business for the first time. I was not at ease. I let my friends go to see it, but the children went out to play and did not meet them. Peng Tibet could not get a ticket. I contacted the Lhasa municipal government.

Lin: remember? When you were 36 years old, you were still playing at my house during the Mid-Autumn Festival. There was bad news on the 16th day after you went up. Then you left the sad place. In the following four years, we got along like brothers and sisters, unintentional text messages, the beginning of love, my sentence “I think of you day and day, hug you night and night”, my words “wife: I Miss You”, my one “who will accompany me tonight”, your “you accompany me”, we are together.

Today, 14 years later, I have to say to you: Don’t leave me!

One night’s sorrow dyed white hair, but this sorrow was not so simple as dyeing white hair. But my love for you has been quilt rack on the cross, and I am being punished and beaten. My suffering is not just these, but the most helpless thing you have to go. The separation at this moment is a ruthless attack. At this moment, each other’s silence makes you and I feel more worried. I don’t know when I can escape from this punishment.

Looking out of the window with dull eyes, the gloomy sky seems to be drizzling, isn’t it rain? I looked out of the window, which seemed to be endless rain like tears in my heart. This seemingly endless rain can never wash away my sadness. For 14 years, I have been in love with each other, but now I have gone to the empty heart. At this moment, the emptiness and weakness hit my heart with all my strength, I looked at the sky hopelessly, looking at the seemingly endless rain in my eyes, everything was so blank.

When will Lin return? A lonely hearts is waiting for you. This deep sorrow, waiting for lovesickness, I am touching my heart, thinking about what you once had. I really miss you, you are the splendid one I love, the one you captured I am. You left me helplessly, but I can’t be indifferent to you, because I really love you.

The wind, flowers, snow and Moon go, and the heart of loving you is still the same. I will keep the bright moon and think of you all night long. No matter it is windy or rainy, I will never stop. I will wait for you to grow old and grow old, and for you to return to the West hand in hand.

At the moment, my Lin is on his way to Shanghai.

8:00 am on June 10th, 2002

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