Hong Kong love short story C112 (Sun Enli)

This is a combination of one man and two women.

The target male and female students are Deyong and the monitor of the basketball school team.

There is also Xiumei good friend Huiqin.

Three people who did not cross the classmate line,

On a concert night; Be fooled by the God of fate.

Deyong looked at Hui Qin, who played the violin on the stage,

She frowned slightly,

The piano with graceful pleading softens his heart at this moment.

In order to know Huiqin’s own mind, Deyong used an indirect method to find the answer.

He often talks with Xiumei,

The casual sight swept the beauty again and again; He hoped to see the reaction of Huiqin…..

This is really a contradictory moment.

Deyong not only hoped that Huiqin would be angry because of jealousy, but also hoped that she would not be angry;

But turn this jealousy into a step to get close to Deyong actively.

Deyong didn’t expect another result.

Huiqin was indifferent.

In contrast, the beautiful… with a little surprise response and acquiescence.

This is really a misunderstanding that cannot be played down; Deyong had to retreat in a hurry.

* * * * * * * *

The first high school reunion after entering the university.

The three people sat together naturally.

Introduction. This is my boyfriend.”

Xiumei brought a boy nearby closer,

The other two people noticed this strange face.

Xiumei smiled and went to another place to pick up her boyfriend.

Huiqin immediately responded by looking forward to Deyong.

Deyong felt what came from Huiqin’s eyes…..

Xiumei and I have always been good friends.”

Hui Qin’s sad eyes for him led to Deyong’s brainless words.

She was surprised.

Time goes back rapidly.

At that time, Deyong stared at Xiumei,

The pain that embarrassed Hui Qin is still vivid.

“At that time. I just want to see you jealous.”

Deyong suddenly became bold.

Huiqin’s first reaction was to avoid the meaning behind this.

After a while.

“You and Xiumei are so outstanding and match… I don’t even think you have the qualification to be jealous…..”

Deloitte was still entangled in the timid complex of that year.

“If what you said matches;

Just balance my external conditions with Xiumei on scales,

That… is too contempt for feelings.”

Deyong couldn’t help being sharp.


Deyong’s sharp acidic gas also became his confession.

Hui Qin only felt a warm feeling rising from his heart.

She couldn’t help it.

“At that time… I fell in love with a boy… however,

There is another one beside him who is better than me… I hold myself…..”

He couldn’t help it either.

“At that time… I fell in love with a girl… I dare not tell her…”

Love another person,

Let him and her know.

Retain …. really not easy…..

Sincerity Sun Enli. petit story C112

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