Remember the past, a little more youth without any regrets

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Remember the past, a little more youth without any regrets

Wen Sheng

After many days of hard thinking, Laotian chose a new viewpoint. Taking the only remains of the educated youth academy in Nangang that year-a certain point in the sky behind the persimmon tree as the viewpoint, he looked down at the mountain and expanded the picture:

At the bottom of the mountain is Nangang reservoir. Under the persimmon tree, the mountain road leads to the village. After going down the mountain and crossing the river, it enters the village.

The village consists of three classes.

The old village is the first class and consists of the village’s large and small valley courtyard, the Old Kiln Courtyard and the grass house courtyard. The large and small valley yard is an old tile house in Ming and Qing dynasties. Most of the old kilns have built bungalows, and most of the grass houses have been converted into bungalows.

The bungalow is the second class and is divided into two parts. One part is in front of the old village, mainly built in the 1970 s and masonry-timber structure, with Adobe inside; One part is on the hillside behind the old village and on both sides of the railway, it is mainly built in the Eighties and Nineties of the last century. The brick-concrete structure is much better than the bungalow in front of the old village.

The building is of the third class, which is built behind the North school after the new century. All of them are small second floors.

At that time, the educated youth old homes were in front of the old village and later changed to small schools. Under the shade of big trees, it was not easy to find.

How can the educated youth recognize the scene of that year? Lao Gen thought of the slogan.

On the walls of houses of different levels, different slogans are written, showing different ages.

The slogan on the wall of the old educated youth courtyard is: The countryside is a vast world where there can be great achievements.

There are also many slogans: Prepare for War and prepare for the people. Learn from dazhai in agriculture. Realize four modernizations. Good family planning, late marriage and late childbirth, good birth and good birth. Build a socialist market economy. Build a new socialist countryside. Scientific development, ban on burning orange rod. Never forget your original intention and keep your mission in mind.

Lao Tian said: OK.

Lao Gen said: I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Many of our slogans had been erased at that time.

Lao Tian said: Yes. For example, don’t forget class struggle, large militia divisions, high walls, extensive grain accumulation, no hegemony, blocking the capitalist road, stepping on socialism and so on.

Lao Gen asked: was the slogan of that year gone?

Lao Tian said: basically not anymore. Did you look at the picture?

Lao Gen said: you take a lot of photos. For more information, see.

Lao Tian said: What is the current evaluation of that year?

Lao Gen said: it will not change. It is a tragedy for a generation of young people to delay like this.

Lao Tian said: I remember a saying that this is a kind of love for us. There are not so many job opportunities in the city. If there is no job, you will learn bad. It is better to exercise in the countryside for a few years first. Why was Social Security bad in the 1980 s and 1990 s? There are too many young people without jobs.

Lao Gen said: Yes, it was severely beaten in the 1980 s and 1990 s.

Lao Tian said: in fact, now it seems that it is not worth anything. It is just that men and women gather together and run around with no purpose. They are fighting and being regarded as hooligans. Now, isn’t it just playing and singing together? At most, the style is not good.

Lao Gen said: There are also many thieves. After the 1990 s, they developed to block the road and Rob. If they don’t fight hard, they won’t work.

Lao Tian said: that is to say, if we didn’t go up the mountain to the countryside, we would do the same?

Lao Gen said: Hit the teacher, hit the school, break the old, and connect……

Lao Tian said: We didn’t do this for these late sessions.

Lao Gen said: but I can’t learn.

Lao Tian said: after entering the new century, young people without jobs are much more honest.

Lao Gen said: they all went to the internet cafe to play.

Lao Tian said: Now it is in the mobile phone.

Lao Gen said: Now it is adopted to expand enrollment. This method is good.

Lao Tian said: why didn’t you adopt it that year?

Lao Gen said: As I said just now, the school made the students smash it.

Lao Tian said: It’s really self-evil.

Lao Gen said: The more knowledge, the more reactionary it is.

Lao Tian said: What the old people mean is that if the idea is incorrect, the more knowledge, the more reactionary; If the idea is correct, the more knowledge, the more revolutionary. As a result, others were peeled off, leaving only “The more knowledge, the more reactionary”.

Lao Gen said: Yes, slogans are easy to be one-sided. There are also revolutions and promotion of production. As a result, only Revolution is mentioned, production is not mentioned, and even opposition is made. If revolution is needed, it is necessary to oppose production.

Lao Tian said: It was originally said that he would take root in the countryside for a lifetime. Later, he left in two or three years and became a springboard for work. If he did not go to the countryside, he would not arrange work.

Lao Gen said: now it seems that it is better to use it in school.

Lao Tian said: school cost?

Lao Gen said: almost the same. As you know, the first year was to go to the countryside with subsidies. There seemed to be some in the second year, but not in the third year. However, most of them left after staying for one or two years.

Lao Tian said: that was later. The earlier he went up the mountain, the longer he stayed.

Lao Gen said: Yes. Also, the bigger the city, the farther the place to go.

Lao Gen said: When that era is over, let’s not get too tangled……

Lao Tian said: Yes. In fact, we are not familiar with the countryside as our old predecessors. The educated youth of the previous years lived in the old and educated youth yard, and later went to the mountain. They had pie meals and scattered them to various production teams to farm, but we didn’t.

Lao Gen said: there are too many contradictions, so we have to move to the mountain.

Lao Tian said: many rural areas are like this. If conditions permit, they are all built with educated youth homes quite far away from the village. There are several educated youth homes on the Hill of Nangang. We said it was going to the countryside, which was actually very isolated from the peasants at that time. But I know how bitter it is to grow crops.

Lao Gen said: there is no way. People have different lives. We almost included the opportunity to join the army, recruit workers, and be recommended to go to school, and recruit young people in the village to hate.

Lao Gen said: Fate is unfair to us.

Lao Tian said: Is it fair to rural people?

Lao Gen said: rural youth are more bitter.

Lao Tian said: Many people still hold resentment because of the past.

Lao Gen said: put it down.

Lao Tian said: some people can’t let it go until now. Educated youth literature.

Lao Gen said: There are all kinds of mentality in educated youth literature.

Lao Tian said: There are many complaints.

Lao Gen said: it should be understood. After all, we have a certain sense of superiority in our hearts.

Lao Tian said: it is impossible to elaborate.

Lao Gen said: You still have to say it. You can’t forget the past. Just don’t get too deep, do you want to look forward.

Lao Tian said: Yes.

Lao Gen asked: How did you feel when you went back to the village to have a look?

Lao Tian said: mixed feelings.

Lao Gen asked: is the old slogan still there?

Lao Tian said: there are still some.

Lao Gen said: The old slogan is on both sides of the main road of the old village, from the three milk temple to the road on the waste bank.

Lao Tian said: Yes.

Lao Gen said: find one of the most representative in it.

Lao Tian said: I think “promising” is the most representative.

Lao Gen said: remember to go down the mountain from the educated youth courtyard, you can see a slogan when you cross the river and enter the village.

Lao Tian said: What team of cattle compound, later worked as a wooden factory, what came the slogan on the wall?

Lao Gen said: Come to think of it, the way out of agriculture lies in mechanization.

Lao Tian said: Yes, yes, people of any age have ideas about this.

Lao Gen said: OK, I believe many educated people will have feelings after reading it.

Lao Tian said: Yes, we wanted to farm mechanization at that time, and farming was really too tiring……

Lao Gen said: People have long hoped that this is the case. The wood is……

Lao Tian said: Also, water conservancy is the lifeblood of agriculture.

Lao Gen said: We have worked hard on water conservancy.

Lao Tian said: we need to build small hydropower stations.

Lao Gen said: this has already existed and has not been completed.

Lao Tian said: is it a reservoir in the west of the village?

Lao Gen said: Yes, there is only a long Dyke left now.

Lao Tian said: are we not involved?

Lao Gen said: No. Built in the 1950 s.

Lao Tian said: I remember. I heard that it was repaired in the county, but later the county did not care.

Lao Gen said: railway police, each tube section. Our commune is located in the city, of course the county doesn’t care.

Lao Tian said: The county thinks very high. The water in this reservoir is linked with the next reservoir, pumping water into the canal to irrigate crops. The Canal goes half of the county, it has already been abandoned.

Lao Gen said: later, the county built a reservoir in the back, but the canal was still useless.

Lao Tian said: there is no water.

Lao Gen said: I heard that there was a big flood one year and the levee on the other side was blown up, so the dam was saved.

Lao Tian said: in fact, it is to let the water go along the original river, but this river has almost been abandoned. This also tells us that waste rivers cannot be filled casually. Speaking of it, the old village in Shilin BLACK TOWER village will become an island in the river.

Lao Gen said: really? At ordinary times, we only see the Jihe River flowing in the south of the village, and sometimes it is cut off.

Lao Tian said: Really. Later, it seemed that there was another flood in July or May, and the village once became an island. At ordinary times, there is no water in Jihe River. First, the water vein is cut off by the coal mine, and second, a reservoir is built on it.

Lao Gen said: If the hydropower station runs well, we wouldn’t call at midnight every day.

Lao Tian said: Tell you the reason why the power station is not good. The lack of water in the reservoir is one reason, and the other reason is that the BLACK TOWER in the village was dismantled as the material for building the hydropower station.

Lao Gen said: Ah, is there such a saying?

Lao Tian said: Believe it or not, the tower has long been broken anyway.

Lao Gen said: BLACK TOWER has been repaired again?

Lao Tian said: it has been repaired.

Lao Gen asked: how is it?

Lao Tian said: Elders people said that was the case.

Lao Tian said: when we all left, the village had been mechanized to a considerable extent. The brigade had creeper tractor, the team had hands and small four-wheel tractor, and our youth team also had tractors. Some teams also have harvesters, which can only be cut, which cannot be compared with now, and some teams also have sideline groups.

Lao Gen said: with tractors, people are more reluctant to work hard on the land.

Lao Tian said: young people are like this. They don’t like it because they take their seats and drive cattle to work in the fields. Not everyone can do it.

Lao Gen said: Yes, there are also landlords who drive the carriage. Advanced things appear, and some people are happy and some worry.

Lao Tian said: but those who drive tractors are definitely not qualified.

Lao Gen said: if it is not dissolved, it may become the second Huaxi village and Nanjie village……

Lao Tian said: Now many people talk about these two villages, and collectivization is also promising. If it is not dissolved, there should be many villages like them……

Lao Gen said: this is a special case. There is no universality. To say, if there is no market economy, they will not be like that.

Lao Tian said: the leadership team is tough and insists on making no distinction. The key is to get the collective economy together.

Lao Gen said: After the woodworking group was set up in the Animal Farm, the production in the team went up. Some people were jealous and edited children’s songs, singing them to follow the capitalist road and cutting their tails.

Lao Tian said: I remember, “the five teams take scissors, waiting to cut the tail of the six teams.”

Lao Gen said: you have a good memory.

Lao Tian said: this thinking is terrible. In the words of the Internet, think carefully.

Lao Gen said: this will not happen in the future. Unfortunately, the woodworking team was disbanded.

Lao Tian said: the equipment of the wood team has been divided. People in the wood industry team also hope to be divided into Tian. Everyone’s mentality will be divided into everything.

Lao Gen said: Some tractors almost split eight pieces. Do you think it is valuable to split them? It can only be a pile of scrap iron. Speaking of it, the village didn’t divide the land until the end of 82 years, and many surrounding villages had already divided the land for two or three years.

Lao Tian said: The slogan on the wall has been on the wall for many years.

Lao Gen said: Mechanization also means a lot. For example, the land is still concentrated in the end, and now it depends on the spread and concentration.

Lao Tian said: To be honest, I really want to plant some food and vegetables buns, raise some small poultry, raise some small machinery, and live a pastoral life.

Lao Gen said: I have thought about it like this. Watching a small video, someone wrapped up barren hills and used bulldozers to build terraces. The scale can go up……

Lao Tian said: We don’t have that condition here. There are many people and few places, so we can only work hard in small areas.

Lao Gen said: people are on the Loess Plateau. In the past words, they built Dazhai fields.

Lao Tian said: building reservoirs, power stations and Dazhai fields mainly focus on class struggle, which was the main theme of our time.

Lao Gen said: We were self-reliant at that time, building schools, running water conservancy, building roads……, They all come by themselves, and now they all rely on state subsidies.

Lao Tian said: now there are also those who go up to the mountain and go to the countryside. The new one is volunteers, and the second is that many departments in the town send people to the village to be secretaries.

Lao Gen said: how many volunteers are descendants of educated youth?

Lao Tian said: there should be descendants of educated youth. Going to the countryside can exercise people best.

Lao Gen said: it is good to go to the countryside with resources.

Lao Gen said: therefore, people from strong departments go to the countryside to help them easily make achievements.

Lao Tian said: It is also very important to do ideological work. Do a good job of changing customs and making people spend money on production.

Lao Gen asked: is Nangang reservoir still there?

Lao Tian said: still there. We have participated in the construction of this reservoir, and we also imagined to build small hydropower stations.

Lao Gen said: Yes, when we go to the countryside, we will have enough suffering from the lack of electricity. As long as the reservoir is built in the village, we always want to continue to build small hydropower.

Lao Tian said: Unfortunately, Nangang reservoir can’t have hydropower at all.

Lao Gen said: After you entered the city, you also dug coal. Do you want to dig too much coal and generate more electricity to solve the problem of electricity consumption of rural fathers?

Lao Tian said: Is this still useful?

Lao Gen said: I have a new idea. Draw the scene of Nangang reservoir more carefully. Let’s remember the past and youth without any regrets more.

Lao Tian said: Zhong. I didn’t say it last time. Pockets circle, I still recall my dream of youth.

The Ji he Chronicle series are all original

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