Love, the harbor of the soul, the conversion of the soul

Love is the harbor of the soul, the conversion of the soul

Emotion is a tree, which needs our care and irrigation. What are we pursuing? Is pursuing a true heart. In this world, money cannot buy some things. A true heart between people can’t be bought. A person who is poor pursues in his whole life is to pursue a heart. When we meet a person who treats us sincerely, we must treat him sincerely.

We can buy a house, a villa and win the whole JS, but we can’t buy a bosom friend and a person who really loves us. Therefore, there are many searches and searches for a lifetime.

When the night is quiet, ask your heart where you want to dock.

To be loved and loved, we have a position in our hearts before marriage. Lover, find the goddess and male God in your heart among thousands of people. Desperate Pursuit can give everything for love and love you from generation to generation. The Loved One waits silently, waiting for a person who truly loves himself. When love comes, it will be hospitable. In the long days, the loved one will take out a heart and put it in the fiery chest of the other. What people pursue is this sincerity.

The busyness of life, the noise and turbidity of society. However, we are small leaves, sometimes losing the center of gravity, drifting with the flow, and sometimes being stranded on the shore. In a word, we walk and walk in the vast sea of people, sometimes we lose ourselves, don’t know what we want and pursue, so that we have done something wrong, even I can’t forgive myself.

If you are still young and not married, you can fall in love, talk well and talk selflessly. To find your true son, to find the goddess and male God in your heart. This is the right granted to you by God, and you talk boldly. No one stops it. It is your right to cherish it.

Don’t miss the flower season of life.

When we have been married, that is to say, we have a marriage, then we will restrain a heart like a kite. Because, we have a heart to belong. At this time, we can no longer freely go to the ROYAL WIND as before. Instead, focus on family and social responsibilities.

Married, what else do you think? We have a burden on our shoulders. That is, it is our obligation and duty to manage our family well, live a good life and cultivate our children into adults. Let’s share a part of our heart, turn around and treat our parents well. Because they gave us life and raised us. When we grow up, we should repay our parents.

Parents raise us young, we raise them old.

Life is not only love, but also career. To create your own career, step by step to the glory of life. When we stand to a certain height in life, should we call the wind and rain, willful and frivolous?

People, standing upright, should remember that there are so called, there is nothing to do. When people arrived in their middle and old years, they suddenly felt that their youth was gone, their youth was gone, and they were old. In a sigh, a heart that had been silent for many years began to search again. Because their inner voice said to themselves over and over again, “I can’t live such a plain life. If I live like this, my whole life will be over. Why should I be so plain?” Therefore, there are many journey of searching and searching, and many sad stories are also deduced.

Find love again, a flash of thought. A flash of thought pushed himself into the whirlpool of life. Amazing, regained love. You smiled, and the person behind you cried and cried.

When you are happy and happy, have you ever thought about the people behind you, where should they go?

Ding stands firmly and has three feet support, which is indispensable. Similarly, the family has three feet support, which is indispensable, husband, wife and children. He or she entrusted his or her life to you, from green silk to white hair, how many years of keeping together and giving silently, for what?

Our hard pursuit is not to find the harbor of the soul and convert the soul.

What is love? Moth to flame. For the sake of love, they came from their parents alone, fell in love with you regardless of everything, got married and followed you wholeheartedly. Not just for the sake of having a home of your own, with you around in the days.

No matter the vicissitudes of time or the hardships of life, it is nothing in front of love, because you can bear any hardship.

The road of life, the wind, the rain, we all have to walk well. No matter the flowing water is deep or the peach blossoms are brilliant, those have nothing to do with me. Life has a long way to go, that sentence: live up to the Tathagata, live up to time, live up to ourselves, live up to our previous ardent love, and live up to our day and night. With you, hold your hand and grow old. This is the promise to you when you are young and beautiful, and it is also the promise to wait silently all your life.

Love is not only your youthful and beautiful appearance, but also your gray hair, old face and love: not only do you love your charm when you are young, but also your slightly camel back and nagging.

True love, life, never leave.

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