Hong Kong love short story C120 (Sun Enli)

Summer 2012.

Zhide, who will leave for England for preparatory study tomorrow, still practices violin before dinner as usual.

I have already started. Don’t be too serious…..

He casually pulled up the song “those years” that was just popular a year ago “.

After practice, Zhide, who walked out of the room, saw this face.

Pale, mournful; But still stubborn face.

It is a cold pride that fate can be unfair but cannot make me yield.

Xiuhui told Zhide’s father,

He came to see him without telling her father, hoping that the payment could be postponed again;

The business at home has just been cheated by a large amount…..

Zhide’s father, who has always been tolerant, not only agreed, but also persuaded each other.

When Xiuhui left, Zhide suddenly felt moved by Zhang Yong’s face facing reality;

He stepped forward and stuffed the gold coins his mother gave him for his birthday into her hand.

Zhide is still a student, which is already the most valuable around him…..

Xiuhui, who just entered the University, looked at the gold coin in his hand and was at a loss for a while.

Zhide put her hands together and ran away.

* * * * * * * *

Zhide, who completed two years of preparatory courses in Britain, entered the medical course of Queen Mary College, University of London.

The five-year university was successfully completed.

But on the eve of the last key exam, Zhide was admitted to hospital due to enteritis.

It’s just a minor operation.

However, Zhide, who was discharged from hospital, had to look at other students for internship in a depressed way,

I have to wait for another exam.

* * * * * * * *

During the Christmas holiday, Zhide accompanied his parents to participate in the cruise held by the Chamber of Commerce.

The ship stopped in Barcelona, Spain.

The sunset gradually fell.

The sky is bright and bright in red…..

Zhi De couldn’t help holding the violin angrily,

It was the “those years” that pulled out the grievance of this year in the sound of the piano “.

A figure stopped in front of him.

After playing a song,

Zhide looked at the people who had not left before with a little embarrassment.

“You are Zhi De.”

She smiled at this.

“I have been looking for you for a long time.”

Zhide accident. Is she looking for herself?

“I want to reward your performance. Unfortunately, there is no change.”

She took the first step, opened her wallet and took out a gold coin carefully.

Xiuhui orbital fever,

She opened Zhide’s hand and put the gold coin in his hand,

Then slowly put his hands together.

“This gold coin, plus your heart, accompanied me through the days that I thought it was quite a day… thank you.”

In the Sunset, Zhide spread a bright smile that was not suitable.

Fortunately, this arrogant performance made her find herself.

It was still the face that made him move.

“I am old enough.”

The boy who gave her gold coins suddenly became brave.

This unexpected encounter;

She couldn’t help twisting his face: “You can apply to be my boyfriend.”

Heart Sun Enli. Osamu . petit story C120

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