The last love letter before breaking up

Dear husband ‘:

I have to use this method to “communicate” my thoughts with you. In order to communicate with you effectively, I want to think about it. I think that in this period of marriage, it is most appropriate to write a letter to you. Express my true feelings and thoughts.

In the one and a half years of dating with you, it has been roughly so long. My heart is ups and downs, sad and happy. Take our recent events as an example. Two days ago, I said opposite to the conservatory that I wanted to see you. In fact, I just wanted to see you. I was tired all day, Lao Zhao. Look, talk, cheer you up. Looking at your lovely charmingly naive and indifferent language, let me listen to the songs on my mobile phone. Ha ha, I sincerely like your simplicity and innocence, but at the same time, in my heart, there has been a long-standing uneasiness: in such a material society, in the cruelty of the law of the jungle, such you can shield me from the wind and rain, give me a piece of sky I yearn?? Dear Lao Zhao, although you have always said yes, I have never believed it.. (Truth)

You love me, and I love you too. We don’t question each other. This is the greatest support I want to be with you all my life. However, our thoughts, personalities and living environment are so different since childhood. I like the simplicity and kindness of rural people, which are reflected in you, but rural people like to comment on right and wrong, male chauvinism and narrow-minded, the basic image of not paying attention to others’ feelings also shines on you. When I was forced to commit suicide by reality, you were still talking about guitar, listening to music, telling me our love and our future….. (I hope these don’t hurt your self-esteem. Although you are different in the summary table and say that you have no self-esteem, in fact, I know that your self-esteem is stronger than anyone else. No harm is because you don’t care, right? Ho ho)

After seeing your contradictory complex, I have already collapsed 100 times, even thousands of times. Sometimes on the surface, more often in my rough heart. No one saw it. Do you understand my feelings? Ha ha, let me tell you, let you know the woman around you now.

Because I grew up with my grandmother, I developed my kind, weak and even introverted character. Although few people think I am introverted on the surface, my heart is often lonely and independent. After going to college and swimming in the sea of books for 16 years, I became more confident and capable, knowing what kind of life I wanted and eager for pure communication in my heart. But I also deeply know how I should live in the real society and get the material enjoyment of love I want, especially in today’s state.

To be honest, it I am contradictory to make up your mind to get married. We are so identical and sometimes so different. Without you, I would strive for my career wholeheartedly and live the material life I want by myself at my most glorious age! Because, in this society, I think material is suitable for me, just as I need it!

However, I am not optimistic about struggling with you at all, even sometimes I am afraid and sad, because besides feelings, we are so different! Because fighting together means that we will be one, and I have long believed that none of us can change anyone. At least the relatives who have developed our habits are still alive. The changes now will bring about future confrontation and greater harm. The problem is that there are still some shortcomings that belong to us and have nothing to do with others, right? No matter whether this injury is for you or for me, and my tolerance is so poor, I am ashamed but helpless, my heart is so soft that I can’t stand a little needle injury… I really hope that I think too much. What I said is all my imagination, hehe.

As you said, economy, education, all these problems, except feelings or feelings, if there were no such things to be disturbed, then I wouldn’t think so much, we are the lovers of gods and immortals. You don’t know how much this attracts me. But now I know that this is my dream! Ho Ho.

So, don’t force me, don’t force yourself, let’s all live easier, okay? As for the result, I only feel that I am so tired now, and you don’t know me so well. In order to save your time and not let you bother, I told you in writing, because when facing you, I can’t think of these. Ha ha, I just want to love you well and feel that you are too tired to live. Because I understand it, I forget myself when I love you. So, you always say that I change back and forth, can’t see through my heart, ha ha, this time you probably know something

Your favorite: lzy

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