Miss roommate: Lu Junqing is a “love volunteer”


The Qixi Festival is approaching, and the beautiful love story has become the Valentine’s Day in the hearts of young people. In commercial squares, university gates, parks and other places where young men and women gather, it is obvious that there are more vendors selling flowers. Once on the campus of the university, my roommates such as Lu Junqing and Lao San also sold flowers, and witnessed Lu Junqing’s love with a rose.

The third child in my dormitory is a “heavyweight” figure with a weight of more than 230 pounds. Let alone in our class, it is also a unique figure in the whole school. The third child is a typical “relaxed and fat”, often happy, and his roommates love to joke with him. Lu Junqing always said, “Lao San, why is your belly button gone? If you don’t believe it, touch it.” At this time, we would laugh, because the third could not touch our belly button at all.

Although Lao San is very fat, sinus has been opened. In class, the third child always likes to sit in the back row of a Jing, and does not dare to talk to a Jing, just secretly watching a Jing beautiful back. Lu Junqing would often remind him not to be distracted, pay attention to listening, and ask him what he looked? Lao San always said he didn’t see anything and thought about things. In fact, at that time, Lu Junqing had already noticed that the old three were single-minded, but there was no evidence yet. The old three refused to say anything. Maybe it was afraid of our jokes.

Lao San’s eloquence is also good at ordinary times. He is also very hot to talk to us in the dormitory. Sometimes we all think he is a “chatbot”. However, as long as he talked with Jing, he completely changed. Not only was he hesitating, but also the topic was particularly awkward, which made the other party feel incredible, using the current Internet hot words to describe it is “chat”. I remember once, Lu Junqing, and Lao San had dinner in the canteen. Lao San was facing the door and was chatting with us at the mountain. Lu Junqing was scared to only use muffle with hands ramen bowl, because Lao San was talking hard, just spittle stars flying around, flying out a few rice grains from time to time. Lu Junqing kept reminding him that he should slow down talking with others, and it was neither civilized nor polite to spittle stars. Especially the beautiful female classmates were very disgusted with such people.

As soon as Lu Junqing finished his lecture to Lao San, a Jing came in with a lunch box. There are too many people eating at noon, and the dining tables in the canteen are full. A Jing was looking for a place when he bought the meal. Lu Junqing raised his voice and waved, “a Jing, there is a place here”. A Jing is a cheerful and dignified girl. The dining tables in the canteen are all four-seat, and there is still a vacant place next to the old Three. A Jing is next to the old three. A Jing said, “Thank you. It’s too difficult to find a place to eat”. Lu Junqing and I were both calm in our hearts. Seeing a Jing greet him naturally, the third man sat there with a blushed face and dared not look up.

A Jing said, “Lao San, what’s wrong? Seeing me so shy?”

Lao San said, “No, you also eat?”

A Jing said, “Yes, isn’t noon just dinner time?”

Lao San said, “Ah, is it delicious?”

Lu Junqing and I both laughed. After all, a Jing was a girl and did not laugh out loud.

A Jing said, “Lao San, it depends on how fat you are. You only need to eat. If you can lose weight, find a girlfriend to cover me.”

At that time, a Jing was the speaker, but the third listener was intentional. From that day on, I began to give the three-year morning running weight loss plan. “There is no difficult thing in the world, I am afraid of people who want to do it”, as long as it is determined to do it, there is nothing that cannot be done. The third man was so eager to lose weight, so he was in the wind and rain, and the distance of morning running was increasing. After two semesters of morning running, the weight of the third child dropped to more than 170kg, and all of them were muscles, which made her look burly and powerful. She couldn’t see that she was fat at all. She was the “fierce man” type that girls liked.

On Valentine’s Day, I, Lao San, Lu Junqing and other roommates sold roses in the west gate of the school. That was born well, and there were many students who bought flowers. Lu Junqing saw a Jing Shopping with another female classmate, Lu Junqing quickly called Lao San, which meant to let Lao San send a rose to Ah Jing, but Lao San shook his head straight, although Lao San is very powerful now, however, the character has not changed at all. In the face of my favorite Jing, there will be a shy and timid side.

Lu Junqing called a Jing, picked a rose and gave it to a Jing. He smiled and said to a Jing, “this most beautiful rose is for you. Don’t get me wrong. This is not for me, but our third child gave it to you. He wanted to give it to you personally, but when he saw you, his heart beat faster, his palms were sweating and he was nervous and speechless.”

Lu Junqing went on to say, “our third child used to be more than 230 Jin, but now it is less than 180 JIN. Running every morning, rain or shine, this is the love power you gave him.”

A JING smiled and said, “he sat behind me every time he went to class. He had already felt that he liked me. It turned out that I thought the old Three was quite good. Unfortunately, he was too fat. Without him losing weight for me, I was really moved by his sincerity.”

A Jing walked up to Lao San and said, “Lao San, can you give me a rose yourself?”

Lao San blushed and said, “I have given you all the roses.”

A JING smiled at the look of the old Three, which was more beautiful than the pile of roses. The old three had a good fortune.

Love is really strange, fate has come, can’t stop. I was born with low emotional intelligence. Lu Junqing had no fate. In this way, two people became “love” volunteers, matching the beautiful love between Lao San and Jing.

The Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming. Wish you a good luck.

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