Spring is gone

The fourth spring after you left.

I am at home alone.

Turning off the light, darkness and loneliness rushed over and swallowed me instantly. Tears slipped down my face quickly. The house was very quiet. I seemed to hear the sound of tears falling down.

I sat on the small bench in the kitchen, with only dark red cigarette butts and bright windows outside the window.

A fine example sharp noise came from the yard. The little baby went to the third sister’s house. The third sister missed him and wanted to stay with him all night.

I know the woods in the yard, the flowers that should bloom and fall are all falling. When I came home, I had already seen that spring had been deeply submerged by the years.

And those flowers, those tender leaf, those spring, I only cast a shallow glance. They may have seen me and walked by silently and lifelessly every day. Sometimes the baby is around, one high and one low. Baby is happy sometimes. I also smile and joke. However, they must have noticed that when my baby didn’t look at me, I was tired and sad.

I just passed by spring, a shadow of passing years, often wearing a messy gray hair.

Sometimes, baby holds a small flower, a few leaves and a few grass in his hand. He often runs over in a hurry and comes up to him to smell those flowers. He loves beauty, he is naive. Originally, he should also be happy and happy.

However, those flowers, those grass and leaves had already withered and I threw them into the trash can. Last weekend, the small apricots he picked must have withered without any brilliance.

The bowl I had eaten a few days ago was placed on the stove in a mess, looking at me silently with my head bowed and tears. Since you left, they have lost their luster like me, I lost my soul.

I know those winter jasmine, those Magnolia, those apricot flowers, those peach blossoms, those Li Hua flowers and large rape flowers in the fields. I used to like them so much, just like you like them, however, now, I only see a piece of the Rose, a flower tree, but I can no longer see their charm, their delicacy and delicacy, I can’t smell their fragrance either. The faint fragrance of flowers is refreshing and sweet in memory.

This spring, I only remember that it was hot and cold. Three months ago, there used to be a few days warmer than now. Remember some rain, untimely, completely the taste of autumn. I remember some cold, accompanied by layers of thick clouds, and there were chilling spring snow on the top of the far TTL. I remember drinking with my closest friends twice, drinking unconscious, being helped by my friends, and crying in the street. I remember some wine bars. I ate dishes silently and drank wine, which was a lonely visitor and lonely soul in the bustling world.

Of course, I can’t forget to take my baby to the mountain fields in spring. Sometimes my baby is gambol, sometimes it is sensible and strong that does not match his age.

Between Heaven and Earth, two figures, one high and one low, made me summon up courage, remind me and tell me that spring is beautiful and promising.

He is not at home tonight. I turned on the lamp, and the shadow fell on the wall, mottled, without human form.

It is said that when you are alone, Shadow is a person’s soul.


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