People go with generals, virtues stay in the world

Cheng Zhangong

The clock on the editorial Wall points to 10:30. I estimate that the mail in the morning has been retrieved from the newspaper office at this time. I didn’t know whether to send a manuscript written by an author. I walked into the reference room from the third floor to the fourth floor and looked for it in a pile of letters on the table. The draft of the appointment has not yet arrived. I saw a large white envelope written to me with a line of bold characters “tongguirong’s funeral office” printed on the front and bottom of it. I was shocked and my eyes were wet. I didn’t have to open the letter to know, the old revolutionary predecessors I respected and Mrs. Liu Zhidan, whom I interviewed and visited many times, passed away with GUI Rong. I was very sad and returned to the editorial office with this letter in a heavy mood. I sat at my desk to open the letter and took out a page of printed Obituary from The Envelope. I noticed that, the obituary said that the farewell ceremony to the old remains was scheduled to be held in Xi’an at 9 am on May 18, 1999. I sat at my desk for a while speechless. The death of Liu Zhidan, which embodies many noble qualities, is unacceptable. When I saw her last year, her body and spirit were not bad. I also said to her, I wish the old man a hundred years old.

The newspaper published on May 19 was signed and printed on 18th. The editorial task of this newspaper supplement asked me to finish, but I couldn’t leave. However, how I want to see the same old again. I looked carefully, and the calligraphy on the envelope that sent me the obituary was written with the old daughter Liu Lizhen. Therefore, I drafted a letter of “electric power” for Liu Lizhen and his wife Zhang Guang, and immediately rushed to the Telecommunications Bureau with “electric power. After sending the “electricity”, I contacted Li Junyan, the daughter of General Li Shiran in Xi’an, and asked her to present a flower basket or wreath for me. She was familiar with her hometown.

Tonglao went with General Liu Zhidan, but her high wind and bright day remained in the world forever. The scenes I interviewed and visited her and the old man’s voice, face and smile kept appearing in front of me.

In the autumn of 1981, on a sunny afternoon, I visited Tonglao for the first time in a small courtyard in xi’anxiang. The old man was immersed in memories of the past and told me that many Liu Zhidan was loyal to the party and loved the people, the story of creating Shanxi-Gansu revolutionary base area selfless, fearless and bloody battle. What excited me was that later, I wrote “the tradition of revolution will never be lost-visiting General Liu Zhidan’s wife and GUI Rong”, on September 7 of the same year, the full text of the news and comprehensive program of the Central People’s Broadcasting Station was broadcast. In order to match this manuscript, it also played the folk song of northern Shaanxi, which was widely influenced by Liu Zhidan. So far, I still keep the tapes of this program. After that, I passed by Xi’an and went to visit Tonglao as long as time allowed.

He was born in Wu Qi in northern Shaanxi in 1905. he joined the Red Army in 1934and joined the Communist Party of China in 1938. She followed Liu Zhidan to live and die for the establishment of Shanxi-Gansu revolutionary base area, and went through hardships and hardships, especially making important contributions to the development of the Red Army’s logistics work. After Zhidan died, she not only prepared hardships for raising their only daughter, but also inherited the legacy of the general and continued to work hard for the revolutionary cause of the Chinese people. And raised many old gay children, such as Li Tieying, who was a child, who had received the same care as his mother. Not long ago, Li Tieying also went to Xi’an to visit the “mother Liu” of that year. Chairman Mao spoke highly of Liu Zhidan, calling him “a leader of the masses and a national hero” and honored him as “sister-in-law Liu”. After liberation, he also invited the old and his daughter to watch a play in Huairen Hall with him and other Central leading comrades. At that time, during the security period of the central authority in Hongdu, he was a neighbor with Lao and Chairman Mao, and Li Min, the daughter of Chairman Mao, also delivered the baby with Lao. Sometimes Chairman Mao and He Zizhen quarreled, and the quarrel was very fierce. No one could persuade him, and he went to persuade him and immediately took effect. Like Liu Zhidan, she was filled with ordinary people in her chest. She was very concerned about the sufferings of the masses and established a deep friendship like fish and water with them. After liberation, working with women and children for a long time made generations of revolutionary successors bathe in her great maternal love. She gave generously and spared no effort to change the face of the old revolutionary base. Nearly 80 years old, she took a car for thousands of miles to see the revolutionary base area of that year. Seeing that the life of the people in the old district was much better than that in the past, she said happily: “Revolution is to do good things for the common people!” She once served as a representative of the National People’s Congress and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and made outstanding contributions to the socialist revolution and construction.

With the old daughter Liu Lizhen (former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress) and son-in-law Zhang Guang (former chief editor of Shaanxi Daily and former chairman of Shaanxi Journalists Association), he was very filial to the old, the old man enjoyed the happiness of family life, which was comforting.

On May 18, the farewell ceremony to the old remains was held in Xi’an. Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan, Hu Jintao, Li Tieying and other leading comrades of the party and the state sent wreaths. The Secretary of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, governor and more than 600 people from all walks of life attended the farewell ceremony, the party and the people deeply miss the same old age. Although the old man went with the general, she high moral character live in the world forever, and she lives in our hearts forever.

Original Yellow River News, June 2, 1999

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