Tanabata, Milky Way

Today’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, the phone clearly prompts, very dazzling.

I walked on the road blankly, so many people in the world. Young men and women, happy and sweet. Older, calm and tacit understanding.

I escaped them in a panic, but there was no way to escape.

It seemed to be very rhythmic, but obviously hoarse one after another. On the ground, he let off his breath, lowered his voice, and then stopped abruptly. They are also tired. Is the sound of life calling? What are they hiding from, but they are not playing together in a tree?

After receiving the little baby, he described today’s happy things vividly. He didn’t notice, I didn’t want him to notice, I looked at the sky from time to time, there was a curved moon in the sky.

The moon is dark yellow, and the two ends of the Moon bend are like sharp blades. In the middle of the moon, there is a dark eye, haggard and godless, which seems to have dried all tears.

The moon is lonely, and only the full moon can make many people stop to appreciate it. Other times, no one looks at it, even those who look at it are lonely.

One night a few days ago, I sent my baby to my elder sister’s house. When I came back, an acquaintance met me on the way and said, “You can’t do this anymore. It’s been so long, how lonely it is to go home alone!”

I replied vaguely, lowered my head, burst into tears and walked into the darkness.

The children are noisy on the basketball court. Baby, I play coquetry with them from time to time. I also laugh. Behind the laughter is endless loneliness. I sat down and closed my eyes. I wanted to listen to the chirping of summer worms. I can’t see them. It rains a lot this summer. They are endlessly rambling in the crazy grass, some are urgent, some are soothing, but obviously they have no confidence and are not sincere. There are only a few sounds, Langlang, like children’s songs.

What do they read? Is it the nursery rhyme of Tanabata?

Without grape rack, where can I find those romantic words in myths? The leaves must still be green, but in this dark night, there are only thick clouds.

I raised my head, and the cold XINGX were nailed to each other without disturbing each other. No one thought that decades ago, even hundreds of years ago, they could melt all the temperatures, how to form a cold ice in this vast universe!

The Milky Way has no trace, and the brilliance spread is only in the memory of childhood, in my eyes that I used to be curious and longing.

Without the Milky Way, where can Cowherd and weaving maid find it?

Half a month ago, my friends and I were in front of your grave. Your best friend said, she dreamed of you. You said that your wish had been met, and you were very good, you can see us, but we can’t see you. She said you have become a fairy! Gods have stars, but which XINGX is you?

Tonight, are you also looking for your Cowherd, can’t you find the Milky Way, can’t you find the magpie who brought me a letter?

I went home with my head down. An earthworm on the concrete floor wriggled forward with effort. Its head was slightly raised. Was it bright and tearful?

Come tonight, I’ll wait for you.

August 14, 2021

Zan (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) Tanabata, Milky Way

The Milky Way has no trace, and the brilliance spread is only in the memory of childhood, in my eyes that I used to be curious and longing….

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