Secretly grow old

I like quiet, not very lively, more and more nostalgic, the child called me grandpa, is this the rhythm of aging?

I don’t want to think about it or ask about it, but I have to face it.

White hair also came secretly like age. When one was discovered, one was secretly removed. When two were discovered, one pair was helplessly removed. Slowly, the more white hair accumulates, the more it can’t be dialed, I will say let it go!

To be honest, I really don’t want to grow old so quickly, nor do I want to grow old like this. I can’t give up those beautiful years or the little things in the past…… I feel that I can do something, but I always stay where I am and do nothing.

The division and division of friendship, the division and division of family affection, the repetition of love, see more, gradually no longer feel anything.

Those classmates and colleagues who came and went were scattered as they walked, and secretly became passers-by in my life.

The relative who once thought he would accompany him all his life suddenly found him missing one day of a certain year.

Like the Sun at five or six o’clock in the afternoon, although it is still warm, it is somewhat powerless.

Therefore, I seem to understand the trajectory of my own destiny, not complaining; Knowing the positioning of my life, not taking others; Knowing my unfinished responsibility, not slack off.

The woman meet yourself appreciated was not like a young bee, buzzing and creating joy. At most: walking beside her, walking like a breeze, nodding and laughing occasionally, even greeting can be omitted.

It won’t be true for some things, especially for those close to you, you can be tolerant and tolerant.

I’m getting used to things I don’t like. I don’t know whether this habit is good or bad?

I am not so angry. When I encounter injustice, I will tell myself that the society is like this and seems to have seen the red dust.

Never dare to quarrel and be angry for too long. First bow your head, then apologize, and then laugh hehe.

People were praised and admired before, and they could not return a turnover basket of praise with gratitude and courtesy. People were slandered behind them, and they would not use long guns, short guns and human theories.

Meet those people sitting on the stage, just shut up and let the energetic people bomb it.

If you meet the weak, you will still feel distressed, or help without complaining about social injustice.

No matter how many grievances you have in your heart, you will not talk casually; No matter how deep the scars you have on your body, you will not easily show them; Although you are very tired and bitter, even physically and mentally exhausted, you still smile and still do not change your face.

Stop complaining when you are upset, and watch and listen quietly.

Immersed in some virtual stories, I put some practical things I experienced, saw and heard into words in my own world, my own space, the wonderful things you want are built in your own thinking.

The diseases of some old people came uninvited, which made me have to speed up the pace of exercise.

We study health care and health care every day. Losing weight is an eternal topic and action.

Gradually, I hate wine bureau and KTV, like to be close to nature, and like a simple and healthy lifestyle.

I can’t remember every day and every place I have passed, although I tried my best to think about it until my head hurts! Finally decided to give up and vowed not to think about it any more.

Once he was willing to sacrifice his body for wealth, power and status, now he can leave everything for life.

It seems that everything is very light, and we will not care about all kinds of things any more. I occasionally suffer losses, and I don’t want to find someone to theory.

Dating friends and classmates to drink tea and chat, usually only about one or two people, a trickle of streams to kill time. Three or five people, twittering, feel that they can’t bear it.

The gathering of students in various forms and sizes is in full swing, although the traces of youth can be found when they get together. However, even the “goddess” who tried to retain youth with money had to admit that he was just a “senior beauty”.

On many occasions, the language in the mouth is counted just like the gold coins in the small box. They only smile and listen to gossip and no longer participate in opinions.

If you are thinking about WeChat friends, you will be less and less. Most of the time, I just dive, occasionally look at it, don’t talk, and even give praise.

Gradually understand and be close to his wife.

At home, he was obedient to his wife and went out to the society.

There is no longer expectation for fantasy, but talking and doing things are becoming more and more childish.

Go out and look back: pick up the key and touch the pocket, walk into the kitchen and look at the gas, and look back when you walk out of the house.

I have asked myself countless times why I live? Now, I am too lazy to think about the meaning of living. Anyway, I just don’t want to die.

I know, I am secretly getting old……

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