Son, you should be happier

Son, you should be happier

Son, you should be happier.

You wear trencher cap, it looks very serious, without even a smile, I don’t like it.

You graduated from college this year. What a good time in life. How proud we are that you have delivered zhibosheng!

There is an epidemic this year. I have no chance to accompany you when you graduate from college. On the playground where you sweat drip, at the gate of the library where you study quietly, on the way to the school with tall sycamore trees on both sides you walked gently, I want to share your joy of success. I want to accompany you through the end of your undergraduate course, experience your tenacity and diligence.

However, you didn’t let me go. I read your WeChat from time to time in those days and wanted to see the photos you sent, your feelings and the appearance of your good friends. However, you didn’t send them. On the phone, you are still talking about all kinds of things you are busy with, sober and steady.

I’ll pick you up in my car. It’s still the old dormitory. The dormitory is full of the mess that you have to go to each other. You have already packed your luggage. You have already made a plan for what you take and how much you take every time, you won’t let me take more with a stiff tone. Just a few trips, we took all the things, and the trunk and back seat of the car were full. The back of your coat is wet.

I should have a smile on my face that day, although I was very tired, especially in my heart. I know I should be happy, but looking at this familiar place and the place where our family walked happily, my heart was cold. The three-and-four-storey building beside the road has platforms on each floor. On that day, my little baby and I climbed up to play. You and your mother were talking below, and you had endless words.

There is also the north gate of the school. When you signed up, our whole family went together and took the only family photos left now. Four years ago, you were green, but you could see the joy and pride on your face.

But today, I am the only one to pick you up. Baby hasn’t had a holiday yet.

I don’t know how you spent these two years in school. I am weak and incompetent. After your mother left suddenly, I was caught in pain and despair, and I had to take care of my little baby. Therefore, I don’t often come to see you or care about you. I don’t know how you survived and how you survived those painful tortures. Among your classmates, where did you get the corner where you only hid yourself? How do you set your mind to improve your performance step by step.

Son, thank you! You have made our promise when your mother was in front of each other and cried bitterly: the hope and future of our family are on you! You will work hard!

I am proud of you! When the neighbors ask you, they will say that you are competitive, smart, sensible and excellent. In their words, I hear sympathy and envy,, they don’t know, what I am proud of for you is your strength!

According to the original plan, you will be at home this summer vacation. I know that this is your rare long vacation. You will fly higher and farther and become our pride. I won’t stop you, I won’t drag you down. As long as you can take good care of yourself and be a dignified person, this is our previous expectation. Now, the expectation has not changed. I can take good care of myself.

However, you are going to school soon. I support you and don’t want you to waste your time. I’ll take you to the new campus. This is a brand new and big school. You are busy dealing with all kinds of things before and after. I can only sit on the block of stone used as a seat next to the guard smoking cigarettes and watching you, look at the back of your coat being half wet.

You unloaded the last luggage from the car, let me go, and said firmly, “I see you go, I’ll go in again!”

I left and swallowed a sentence to my mouth: “I want to see you go in and slowly disappear in the campus.”

You are still serious and decisive. You can do your own thing well, I believe!

But Son, you should be happier!

Because I like to see you happy!

Because your mother also likes to see you happy!

July 22, 2020

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