Night listening

Night listening

It’s rain, I can hear it.

Although raindrops are rare, it must be rain, because I heard the sound of it breaking on the window glass.

It saw the warm light in the room. It wanted to escape, but it was broken.

It must be scared and desperate. It fell into tears and flowed down, soon covered with dust.

However, it finally escaped in, into my ears and into my heart.

The wind, with a shrill cry, is also running away. In the dark night, it has nowhere to escape.

It carries fallen leaves all over the sky, and the fallen leaves have nowhere to escape. Even if they hide in a corner and look at their strangers in panic, they have nowhere to escape.

Yesterday was lunar October. The fallen leaves were not countless tears poured by relatives, with hopeless bright red bloodshot.

It was already dark, and the light, the struggling warm light, was also broken on the wall, on the ground, torn, beaten, frightened and helpless.

It was already winter, and the Sunshine gradually went far. The cold, the bitter cold poured into the wind. It wanted to escape, and it had nowhere to escape.

The tree was resisting and gritted its teeth to resist. Although it was upside down and staggered, it still resisted.

However, they no longer have bright clothes, bright laughter and upward momentum. They are pale, untidy and withered. They can’t resist the season.

It has been like this during the day today. The sky is gray. No, to be exact, it is gray in the air. The sky can no longer be seen. The sun seems to be crumpled into messy dust, while the clouds have fallen into the dust. There were fallen leaves everywhere in the street, running around without thinking, like deserters fending everywhere, sardine groups strangled by sharks, and frightened eyes of various shapes and colors. Some groups were thrown into the air, just like being thrown into the gray abyss, numb and dull, and could not return to the Earth. People did not speak, narrowed their eyes slightly, and ran away in a hurry. They were all down and out who dared not resist.

I didn’t open the window half a minute. The topsyturvy world swarmed in. Two fallen leaves rolled in, one in the co-driver, one in the back row, turned over a few times and lay there quietly, I seemed to hear their breathing.

In my world, since you left, it has always been cold and bitter with withered leaves flying. How can I take them in?

When I stopped the car, I threw them away. Before they could land, the ubiquitous whirlwind swept them away. They were wrapped in my watch and could not find any trace soon.

But now it is a dark night, with the wind whistling and whistling the devil. In the night without XINGX and moon, it is wantonly rushing with cold teardrops, with colorful falling life.

I curled up on the sofa, like a gaunt fallen leaf, like a desert island surrounded by night, tears blurred my eyes.

November 16, 2020

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