Zhou Jing, a name that makes my heart beat and impulse.

She, my middle school classmate. The face is fair, the appearance is good, and it is considerate. Therefore, in our class, she huamel Noble like a princess.

At the first sight of her, I fell completely. Those beautiful big eyes, shining with charming brilliance, hit me instantly like bullets, it took only 0.0 seconds to capture my whole body and mind, making me love her.

That summer, I realized my college dream.

In the second year, Zhou Jing miraculously recorded the Hydropower Institute which was only one wall away from our school.

On the day she checked in, I went to their school to find her with anxiety. The new student newspaper is everywhere. When I see her plump and high, my heart is empty and itchy……

Zhou Jing in front of him is more charming and charming than that of middle school. I was suddenly in a mess and ran to meet with trembling mood!

On the way to find her dormitory, my heart drifted along her steps on the tree-lined path of their school. Taking advantage of the chaos, I walked to her boldly and summoned up the courage to strike up a conversation with her.

That day, we said a lot. To be honest, this meeting gave me an excellent impression. It encouraged me and gave me the courage and confidence to approach her. From then on, everything around me disappeared, and the sun, moon and stars rose and fell, but I didn’t know the day and night.

The following development made me very happy. I had frequent contacts and pleasant exchanges with Zhou Jing. She didn’t defend me, allowing me to approach her freely. This discount alone raised my soul beyond my own height.

From then on, I think falling in love with someone is a happy thing and a torment thing. In order to see her entity and say a few words to her, I tried my best!

“I’m going to find Zhou Jing!” As soon as Zhou didn’t arrive, I looked at the beautiful sky happily and shouted. After dinner, nothing can be done. Everything is intertwined in this expectation.

I also decided to go to Zhou Jing less frequently. But can I do it? I am tempted every day, and I make a sacred promise every day in my heart: “Don’t go to Zhou Jing next week!” However, when I arrived next week, I found another reason that I couldn’t reply. In a flash, I arrived at the door of her dormitory. Or the last time she broke up, she said, “See you next week!” Zhou Jing said so. Why don’t I go to her!

Of course, Zhou Jing often came to my dormitory to find me. At that time, I was really very happy. As soon as her figure flashed in the window of the dormitory, I couldn’t control myself. My eyes followed her figure. I hoped to hear her magnetic voice, eager for her to call my name, and thought that was the most beautiful melody in the world.

Zhou Jing and I often go for a walk along the Xiangjiang River. She walked in front, I followed behind, we walked and talked endlessly. When she moved closer to me for the convenience of conversation, the wonderful breath out of her mouth could be sent to my lips. At this time, I was like being shocked, the body is going to collapse. When my hands accidentally touched her or our bodies accidentally collided, oh my God! The blood rushed around me, and I immediately retracted like a fire. However, a hidden force was pulling me forward again, and all my senses were dizzy, like flying clouds and fog.

During the conversation, she accidentally passed her eyes, and I would tremble, be happy, sad and depressed…… All my thoughts were intoxicated in her tender eyes, and I was so excited that I became immortal. Only at this time can I freely appreciate her black eyes. Her vivid lips and lively cheeks attracted my whole soul without hesitation.

She opened her mouth and just spit out a note, I was completely intoxicated in her wonderful voice. All my body and mind immediately integrated into the world of Only me and her, it seems that being with her is everything to me. Besides, I have nothing to think, nothing to feel, nothing to ask for. All the pain, disorder and depression that troubled me disappeared without a trace. She mentioned every word of mine, more like the harvest year in the wild scene, which made me think about it endlessly, you have to narrow and dry the bone marrow in that sentence. Therefore, I became a man deprived of all thoughts and freedom, immersed in the world given to me by Zhou Jing, enjoying the sweetness of wishful thinking.

Alas! It turns out that I am only one step away from heaven, wonderful!

Later, she turned language into a trickle into my heart to moisten, heal and comfort my heart, and let me feel and appreciate many rich and profound meanings, and enjoy her painstaking care.

Slowly, Zhou Jing and I talked about everything, literature, dreams, life……

With the passage of time, I gradually found that Zhou Jing is a person who gets along more and more liked.

Although I knew she was beyond my reach, I really couldn’t control my emotions.

After graduating from college, I went south to Guangzhou and Zhou Jing went back to my hometown Yiyang.

Later, we became families. However, my relationship with Zhou Jing was like a pot of fine wine, which was hidden in the cellar. Occasionally, I open it and smell it. I feel that my heart is full of mellow fragrance, and there is also the aftertaste of love?

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